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LeWeb 14. Paris, France. From A to Z

With LeWeb around the corner, you need to know all from behind the scene.
Here are some last minute tips.

From music to photography, The Arts are vital to our existence. Even at LeWeb.


LeWeb 14. Paris, France. From A to Z

Business & Networking - LeWeb brings together the most influential audience in the Internet ecosystem. Top industry entrepreneurs, executives, investors, senior press & bloggers gather to focus on the key issues and opportunities in the web marketplace.
Meet other attendees and start networking by logging in to your account in the app:
Available in the App Store and Google Play .

Cuisine. Cuisine. French Cuisine. Welcome Breakfasts, 3 Lunches, official evenings events...

Expect Food. And Thoughts for food as well!

LeWeb 14. Paris, France. From A to Z

December 2014 (9,10,11) Expect to discover. Paris, France. Eurosite, les Docks.

E-ticket. To get your badge, you’ll need to bring your e-ticket, don't forget it.

  • And to avoid the lines,if your are already in Paris, the day before the opening get it on Monday 8 December - 11.00-19.30, Paris Marriott Opera Ambassador Hotel, 16 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris.
  • At the venue: Tuesday 9 to Thursday 11 December – from 8.00 at Haussmann Dock

Come as early as possible to make sure you have time to get your badge and enjoy networking around the welcome coffee buffet before the conferences start at 9.30.

F*cking 1 hour and 30 minutes long Lunch Break - I know it's long but, hey, this is France and once upon a time, it was 2 hours long!

If still too long, you can still do some networking.
Disclosure: Train yourself to speak with a glass of red wine. I mean in the hand. Even in France, wine glasses do not discuss.

Géraldine. Madame LeWeb.

The backbone of the event.

Hotel - New: Water and electricity are now available everywhere in France. And soap too.

Book a hotel asap. Prepare.

Disclosure: Electricity is even available at LeWeb where you’ll be able to charge your devices on plugs located just below chairs in all 3 stages.
Yep, french electric chairs 2.0.
Don't be affraid, most of the time, everything gonna be allright!

International - Expect to meet more than 3,200 participants from more than 80 countries during 3 days on 3 stages.

Expect some fun listening to french people speaking english. Voila.

Jury. With the startups competition comes a unique chance to pitch to a panel of expert judges.

What a jury!

Knowledge. LeWeb’14 Paris’ Speakers & Curators are the people shaping the tech world today. New this year, each Curator has selected the ideal speakers for each trend, and will present and moderate sessions onstage. Best place to learn Today’s trends, tomorrow’s opportunities, check the program!

Let it snow - In these times of global warming, everyone does not have the privilege of seeing Paris under the snow. Only exceptional LeWeb editions are such rewarded.

Worldwide Press is focusing on: will it snow on LeWeb14?

Tip: Probably not, but tou'll love Paris in the rain on wednesday and thursday.

LeWeb 14. Paris, France. From A to Z

Meetings, everywhere, all the time. See who's coming and prepare with the app available in the App Store and Google Play .

No rush. Take your time, enjoy the day, feel the moment.
If something goes wrong, I mean really wrong and you see no other solution, ping me on twitter, if I can help, I'll.

Ohlala. Off. Parties - Evenings events. Expect to hear some off, and to be off at the end of LeWeb. Get plenty of sleep before arriving.

There's a whole dedicated page for LeWeb @ Night!. Shhh.

Paris - Pa-ris! It says it all, no?
So far, you can also have P as Pop-UpLab!
Curated by Makery, LeWeb Pop-Up Lab (Pullman Dock) will enable visitors to experience technology IRL. Some of the most renowned labs and innovation trendsetters will explore topics such as Makers, Drones, Health, Wearables and the Arts. A collaborative experiment not to be missed!


Questions - Ask yours. Expect answers. For the first time, roundtables to spark discussions between LeWeb participants and LeWeb experts to share best practices, ask questions and discuss the latest trends. Each roundtable session is 25 minutes and limited to 6 people. Sessions will take place in the Experts Room, 1st floor of Pullman Dock.

Check out the experts and register here.

R as Register. Simply, register, it's not too late!

Speakers. Plenty of. Today’s trends, tomorrow’s opportunities. An awesome program:

Curators and speakers on Pullman Stage

Curators and speakers on Eiffel Stage

LeWeb 14. Paris, France. From A to Z

Taxi. Hep Taxi! No need to whistle: this year, LeWeb has a new partner: the Parisian private driver service  LeCab (500+ cars) offers a 30% discount on all rides to and from Les Docks during the 3 days of the conference. Well, let's try LeCab mobile app.

Unbelievable crowd. Just have a look at the participants list.

Vavavoom - Don't forget: it's PARIS and with the people from the Internetz!

Expect nothing, be prepared for everything ;)

Website - All you need to know is there, including W as Workshop.

LeWeb sponsors give opportunities to all participants to discuss and exchange views on how to expand their knowledge, demonstrate their know-how and showcase their innovation on different themes. Check out the list of workshops hosted by Google, Elsevier, Linkfluence, Digimind, Fred & Farid and Fireware.

X mark - Buy your ticket if still for sale. Hurry up!

Youtube Leweb Live for those who defnitely can't be there. Or on Youtube where you check LeWeb Chan.

Ze French - Expect to meet ze French. It requires no special training, only a little understanding.

Expect us! See you there on tuesday!?


LeWeb 14. Paris, France. From A to Z
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